CanIt Revision History

This page contains a history of CanIt releases plus a list of maintenance updates (if any) which followed the release.

New features are not added between releases and maintenance updates only contain fixes to reported problems.

If you are experiencing one or more of the corrected problems then you should:

  1. Go to the CanIt Download page
  2. Download the CanIt setup file.
  3. Reinstall CanIt.

NOTE: If you are not experiencing problems resolved by the updates you do not need to bother downloading and reinstalling CanIt.

Generally, maintenance updates will be posted as soon as reported problems have been resolved, fixed and tested.

CanIt Release 2.0 Revision History

Version Number (1) Web Site Upload
Corrected Problems 15 Jul 1999 0:00 GMT
939,123 bytes
  None, version 2.0 first release.

CanIt Release 1.5 Revision History

Version Number (1) Web Site Upload
Corrected Problems 5 Sep 1998 2:20 GMT
912,277 bytes
  None, version 1.5 first release. 7 Sep 1998 9:00 GMT 921,431 bytes
  1. Right-clicking a blank Folders Pane generated a harmless but scary 'Access violation' error message. 12 May 1999 21:00 913,147
  1. Under Windows 98, CanIt releases and earlier have a problem when using folder selection dialogs.

CanIt Release 1.4 Revision History

Version Number (1) Web Site Upload
Corrected Problems 9 Aug 1998 9:45 GMT
897,187 bytes
  None, version 1.4 first release. 18 Aug 1998 00:30 GMT 897,263 bytes
  1. Split bars on main window failed to observe minimum size constraints and panes could be resized to zero width. If CanIt was closed in this state with the 'Remember window layout' option enabled then the hidden pane would remain hidden the next time CanIt was started. To reinstate the hidden pane you would need to delete the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\methods\CanIt\1.0\UIState registry key.

CanIt Release 1.3 Revision History

Version Number (1) Web Site Upload
Corrected Problems 3 Jun 1998 02:15 GMT
802,673 bytes
  None, version 1.3 first release. 3 Jun 1998 23:50 GMT
802,753 bytes
  1. In some circumstances switching to other applications while splitting files under NT4 resulted in an error. This affects both CanIt and SplitFile.

CanIt Release 1.2 Revision History

Version Number (1) Web Site Upload
Corrected Problems 8 Apr 1998 11:15 GMT
790,845 bytes
  None, version 1.2 first release.

CanIt Release 1.1 Revision History

Version Number (1) Web Site Upload
Corrected Problems 16 Mar 1998 04:55 GMT
755,629 bytes 18 Mar 1998 23:10 GMT
756,321 bytes
  1. Countries with non-decimal point floating point separator characters were unable to use non-integral version numbers due to floating point conversion errors.
  2. Sometimes temporary folders on NTFS partitions experienced archive creation failure due to incorrect size information returned by Windows GetDiskFreeSpace() API.
  3. Countries with non-english short month names or time separator characters other than a colon ':' were unable to open archives due to date/time conversion errors. 22 Mar 1998 08:00 GMT
756,419 bytes
  1. Early releases of Windows 95 (less than build 1000) failed to load version CanIt
1.1.048 31 Mar 1998 11:50 GMT
  1. Occasional stalling on archive open/close when temporary files were written to NTFS file system.

(1) Version as reported in the About dialog box (accessed by selecting About... from the CanIt Help menu).