CanIt Versioning Archiver

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is CanIt a source code control system (SCCS)?
    No. CanIt is primarily an incremental versioning archiver for bundling, backing up and managing project related sets of files. It is file oriented, not text oriented. If you're looking for a source code control system CanIt is probably not the answer.

  2. Why is there no provision to add individual files to an archive?
    Adding (or for that matter deleting) files from a version breaks the version integrity. CanIt is version oriented and files are added as full or incremental version file sets. Files can of course be restored individually from an archive.

  3. How can the files from selected folders be excluded from version backups and restores?
    Disable the corresponding folder definition. You can do this by right-clicking the folder definition in the and unchecking the Enabled pop-up menu item.The Folder Enabled property is ignored by Restore Selected Folder and Restored Selected Files commands.

  4. How can I change or add a password to an existing archive?
    Once an archive has been created its password cannot be changed directly, you need to make a new copy of the archive. Use the Save As command in the File menu, choose the All Retained versions option, you will be prompted for a new password for the saved copy (assuming of course the Prompt for passwords option is enabled).

  5. How can I disable password prompting?
    Choose the Options item from the Tools menu and uncheck the Prompt for passwords option on the General page.

  6. How can I create an archive containing a single existing version?
    Export the version as a full version update, then create a new archive and reimport the update. This technique can handle incremental versions which are imported as a single full version. If you want to save the first full version then a quicker method is to use the Save As command from the File menu and choose retain most recent 1 version.

  7. How does CanIt deal with locked (in-use) files?
    When a locked (in-use) file is encountered CanIt stops and asks the user if:

    1    The current file should be skipped.
    2    The current and all subsequent locked or in-use files should be skipped.
    3    The current command aborted.

    The /skipbusy command-line option can be used to skip locked and in-use files during command-line driven version creation.

  8. How can I suppress disabled folder warnings whenever I do a backup or restore?
    Choose the Options item from the Tools menu and uncheck the Warn if folders disabled option on the General page.

  9. How can I get a list of all files in a version?
    Select the version in the Versions pane, press the F3 key, clear the Named like edit box and press the ENTER key.

  10. I've spent ages creating and customizing tools, file temples and options, how can I transfer them to another installation?
    Use the Save to Archive and Load from Archive commands on the Configuration page of the tabbed Archive Properties dialog box.

  11. How can I clone an existing folder definition?
    Select the folder definition you want to clone then create a new folder definition while at the same time holding down the SHIFT key.

  12. How do I synchronize the folder pane after selecting another version?
    Select Refresh from the View menu (F5), although this will seldom be necessary as versions belonging to the same archive usually retain the same folder structure.