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A Project Oriented File Archiver for Windows 95/98/NT4

Combining the functionality of a Zip archiver, a backup program and a version control system.

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New! 16-Jul-99 CanIt 2.0 Released


  • Multiple versions and versioning information stored in a single archive.
  • Full and incremental versioning.
  • Differential and full version updates can be exported and imported.
  • Optional password encryption of archives and archive update files.
  • Version profiles defined using wildcard file inclusion/exclusion on a folder by folder basis.
  • Versions can be saved and restored from any mix of local and network drives
  • Drive mapped and UNC file names supported.
  • User defined fileset templates.
  • Saved version descriptions and attributes.
  • Flexible save and restore options.
  • Automatic archive compaction options.
  • Files can be opened, viewed and edited directly from the application.
  • User configurable tools menus to execute and pass files to other applications.
  • Startup command-line options to open and update archives.
  • Wizards to assist archive creation.
  • File split/unsplit commands.
  • Zip Tool for creating and managing Zip archives.
  • Archived files can be selectively exported to a single Zip file.
  • Archives are compressed using industry standard PKZip 2.04g file format.
  • Windows 95, 98 and NT 4 compatible.
CanIt is a project oriented file archiver for Windows 95/98/NT4. It combines the functionality of a Zip archiver, a backup program and a version control system. CanIt provides a quick and easy way to save, maintain and restore multiple versions of a selection of files from disparate folders and storage devices.

CanIt manages saved Versions of selected folders and files. Multiple versions are saved in a single compressed Can archive file. Can files are Zip format compatible and are a convenient way to exchange predefined sets of project related files and their revisions, and revision information.

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