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Appearance Options

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Set form appearance from a list of styles.

Form Color

Set the background color for all forms and dialogs. The color is different when running offline, go to the Offline Access setup options to change the offline color.

Top Note Color

Set the text color for Top notes.

Splash Image

Set an image (Microsoft BMP file) to be displayed at startup.

Notes list height

The height in centimeters of the notes list items.

Font size

Sets the font size in mail messages, notes and other large text boxes.

Adaptive menus

Menus show recently used commands first.

Show reminders at logon

If the user has reminders then show them when the user logs on.

Show favorites as logon

If the user has favorites then show them when the user logs on.

Show Goto List as logon

Open the Goto List window when the user logs on.

Sort Personnel by name

Sort Personnel form by LastName/FirstName instead of by Personnel ID.

Remember form locations

This option causes the PRS to remember the size and location of resizable forms. If you want to return a form to it's default location then hold down the Ctrl key while you open it.

User defined activity names

Set the names of the user defined Candidate Activities.

User defined vacancy statuses

User defined vacancy status values.


TIP: To reset the Form Color back to the default theme color first select another Theme and close the Options dialog. Reopen the Options dialog and set the Theme back to what it was.