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Automating Vacancy File Delivery

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After exporting Web pages and vacancy files you would normally upload them to your Web site or send them to your vacancies publisher. Normally Email or FTP is used — your website hoster will provide the necessary information to set up file delivery. Typically you would write a script to deliver the files and either:


1.Have the PRS run the file delivery script automatically following vacancy publication.
2.Or schedule a script to run at some fixed daily interval.


Set the Run this command after publishing vacancy publication option to run an external program automatically after PRS vacancy publication (drop down the PRS Tools menu, open the Vacancy Publication Tool, and press the Publication Options... button).


The PRS also assists the scheduled delivery of vacancy files by creating a file named _publish_ in the same directory as the published vacancy files. This single line text file contains the date the publication took place and signals, to an external delivery program, that vacancy publication has occurred. If you use this mechanism then you should rename the file to _publish_done after successful vacancy files delivery.


The format of the publication date in the _publish_ file is: ddd mmmm dd hh:mm:ss yyyy


For example: Wed May 31 11:46:32 2000