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Backing up the PRS

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It is inadvisable to use the PRS in a production environment without first installing a backup regime. We recommend backing up at the end of each business day.


The integrity of the backed up PRS database file prs_data.mdb can only be guaranteed if there are no active PRS users connected to the database while the backup takes place. The PRS has a mechanism for logging all users off automatically that can be activated using the PRSMon administration program.


If you use PRSMon to backup your shared database you should backup to the Cloud or to removable media which can then be stored in a geographically separate location. You could also backup to a fixed disk on another PC connected to your network (ideally in a geographically separate location).


If you use some other backup program we recommend wrapping backups in a shell script that performs the following steps and is executed late at night:


1.Logoff PRS users (see Logging off Users).
2.Backup the PRS shared prs_data.mdb database on the server (along with any other files that need to be backed up).
3.Make a server-side copy of prs_data.mdb for Offline Access (see PRSMon and Offline Access sections of this manual).
4.Re-enable PRS user logons.