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Basic Problem Diagnosis

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Here are some basic checks you can perform if you are experience problems with the PRS.


Other applications and Microsoft Windows itself can sometimes cause you PC to misbehave, so before assuming the fault lies with the PRS try closing all applications and restarting your PC (using the Windows Shut Down... command in the Windows Taskbar Start Menu).


If the problem persists work your way down the following check list:




The PRS is working fine but I don't know how to ...

Search the on-line documentation (using the PRS Help menu),


I get a license related error message when I start the PRS.


See the License Management section for causes and remedies.

When I start the PRS I get a message Unable to find shared PRS database.

This is normal the first time the PRS is used, simply select the shared database folder (see Client Installation). If it happens at any other time the problem is one of the following:

A non-PRS related network or server problem (in this case all user will be experiencing the same problem).
You local network drive mapping has been changed. Remedy: restore the drive mapping or simply select the shared data folder from Network Neighbourhood when prompted.
The shared PRS database file may have been deleted, moved or renamed and you'll need to find and restore it (see Backing up the PRS).


When I start the PRS I get a message Cannot open shared PRS database, the file may be corrupt. This problem is affecting all users.


Use the PRSMon database administration program to repair the shared database.

The PRS has recently started exhibiting weird behaviour, but only on my PC (other users don't have this problem).


Reinstall the PRS client on your PC. Just put the PRS CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive, press the Install PRS Client button on the Setup menu then accept the Client Setup Wizard defaults.

None of the above helps

Read the Client Related Problems and Server Related Problems sections.