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Can I disable Outlook security messages when I send mail?

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If you're running Microsoft Outlook 2002 (Outlook XP) or Microsoft Outlook 2000 with the Outlook Extended E-mail Security Update installed then Outlook prompts you to confirm whenever another program (in our case the PRS) accesses Outlook.


If you are running Microsoft Exchange Server it may be possible for your administrator to customise the security settings, otherwise there is no way to disable these prompts from within Outlook.


There are however other ways round the problem:


1.The PRS outgoing EMail security prompt option.
2.Express Soft's Express ClickYes program.


PRS Outgoing EMail Security Prompt Option

You can disable the Outlook security prompts that occur when you send mail from the PRS by unchecking the Outgoing EMail security prompt checkbox on the General page of the PRS Options dialog (select the Options... command from the PRS Tools menu).


NOTE: If you use a POP3/SMTP mail server then unchecking this option will cause outgoing mail items sent from the PRS to appear in Microsoft Outlook's Drafts folder (instead of the usual Outbox folder) until they are dispatched by Outlook, this behaviour does not affect the sending of emails but can be a bit disconcerting if you're not aware of it.