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Can I run more than one PRS client on my PC?

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Yes, provided each Client is installed in a separate Program Files folder. Typically you will want to do this if your company has multiple PRS databases which you need to access from a single PC. Here's how:


1.First thing to do is rename the existing PRS 2000 startup icon (right-click and select Rename) on the Desktop so it's not overwritten.
2.Next run the PRS 2000 Client Setup wizard.
3.When the setup wizard prompts you to Select Destination Location instead of accepting the default C:\Program Files\prs2k location (which contains the first installed Client) you should enter another location, for example C:\Program Files\prs2k_auckland
4.Once the second Client has been installed you'll probably want to rename the PRS 2000 desktop startup icon to differentiate it from the other installed clients. For example PRS 2000 Auckland.
5.When you start the second Client for the first time you will be prompted for the database location, be sure to select the correct shared database folder.


TIP: Customise the form colors (using the Set Form Color button on the Appearance page of the PRS Tools->Options... dialog) so you always know which PRS Client you are using.