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Configuring an alternative Phone Dialer

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The PRS also allows you to use an alternative phone dialer application in place of the Windows Phone Dialer.


To configure the alternative dialer you need add a PhoneDialer entry to the [Main] section of the prs.ini configuration file on each PC that has the PRS Client installed:


1.Open the prs.ini file with an editor e.g. Notepad.


2.Add a PhoneDialer entry after the [Main] section heading specifying the full path of the dialer executable file e.g.


PhoneDialer=C:\Program Files\MyDialer\Dialer.exe


When the user dials a number the PRS executes the phone dialer and passes it the canonically formatted phone number. For example if the phone number on the Personnel form is 123-456789 and the PRS area code is set to 9 and the country code to 64 then the PRS would execute:


"C:\Program Files\MyDialer\Dialer.exe" +649123456789