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Consultants are personnel currently employed by the Recruitment Company (they must have their own personnel record with the Site set to the Recruitment Company).


Adding a New Consultant

If the consultant does not already have a personnel record:


1.Press the New button on the PRS Personnel form and enter the name, occupation and phone number of the consultant.
2.Set the Site field to the Recruitment Company.
3.Press the F4 key to lock and save the new record.


If the consultant has a personnel record make sure the Site field is set to the Recruitment Company.


Once a person's Site field has been set to the Recruitment Company they will appear in the PRS Logon dialog and the lists of consultant names that appear on PRS forms.


When a Consultant Leaves

When a consultant leaves you have three choices:


1.Change the Site field on the consultants personnel record to the company the consultant has moved to.
2.Or check the Retired checkbox on the consultant's Personnel form.
3.Or change the consultant's personnel record details to that of a new employee  taking over the consultant's role (if you opt for this choice then the new person will inherit the previous consultant's reminders, vacancy activity, billings and placements).


If you opt for choices 1 or 2 then you should reassign any clients or candidates currently owned by the leaving consultant. You can do this using the Client/Candidate Ownership Tool (in the PRS Tools menu). Consultants that have left will remain in client/candidate drop-down lists until all their clients and candidates have been reassigned.


While it may seem a little odd to class administrative and other staff not directly involved in making placements as consultants it allows them to:


1.Log onto and use the PRS for non-recruitment tasks such as invoicing, data entry and vacancy publication.
2.Send and receive PRS Reminder messages.