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Contract Vacancies

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Contract vacancies are billed on an ongoing timesheet-by-timesheet basis, the Recruitment Company manages contractor payments and bills the client. Company Billings are the difference between the contractor and client payments.




Vacancy Item



Not started, Running or Completed. This item is derived from the vacancy Start Date and the contract Duration.


The number of days (starting from the vacancy Start Date) that the contract is scheduled to run.

Finish date

The date the contract is scheduled to finish. Changing the Finish date automatically recalculates the Duration and vice versa.

Client rate

The hourly rate paid by the client (excluding tax).

Contractor rate

The hourly rate paid to the candidate (excluding tax). Often the low end of the rate range for vacancy publication purposes when used in conjunction with the Maximum rate field,

Maximum rate

The maximum possible rate that this position can command.

Billing units

Billing units for pay rates.

Timesheet tool

Check this box if this vacancy is to contribute to new vacancies using the New Timesheets tool.


Press this button to display existing timesheet for this vacancy.