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Customized Mail Data Field Names

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The PRS is forgiving when it comes to matching the default field names in the Mail Data but you may want to change the name to something completely different. This may be necessary, for example, if the incoming Mail Data uses different names which you have not control over. You can also choose to ignore specific field names.


To change a field name you need to add an entry to the [MailDataNames] section in the prs_data.ini configuration file (the prs_data.ini file resides in the Shared Data Folder which is specified on the File Locations page on the PRS Tools->Options dialog) formatted like:




Where <custom name> is the field name you want to use and <field name> is one of the default Mail Data field names. For example, putting this entry in the [MailDataNames] section in the prs_data.ini configuration file will ensure Mail Data Comments fields will be saved as Personnel Notes:





To ignore specific fields leave the <field-name> blank, for example, to ignore Job Title fields add the following entry to the [MailDataNames] section:


Job Title=



You must specify the custom name as it appears in incoming mail messages (including embedded spaces, dashes and underscores).
Be careful not to use a custom name that is already taken.