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Document Management Guidelines

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Some do's and don't's to ensure all users store shared documents in a common location and all users can access documents linked by other users:


Do set all users to the same shared Documents folder. This can be enforced by checking the Site-wide documents folder option (run the PRS Tools->Options... menu command and click the File Locations tab).
Do check the Link to Documents folder checkbox in the File Locations page of the Tools->Options... dialog. This prevents users from linking documents to locations that are inaccessible to other users, for example, the C: drive.
Do not manually rename, delete or move linked documents.
Do not rename, delete or move folders containing linked documents.



If you have to change the location of your shared documents set the Document search path option to avoid having to relink moved documents (see the Document Search Path sub-section in the on-line PRS Administration Guide for details).
Use the PRS Audit Report to find broken document links (Audit numbers 300 and 301) using the PRS Report->Audit menu command.