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Processing Draft Timesheets

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IMPORTANT: Normally only one person will be assigned to use the Timesheet Tool commands – if two or more people use these commands they must be careful to confine themselves to different vacancies (if two users were to create draft timesheets from the same vacancies at the same time then, when they subsequently process them, you will end up with two sets of timesheets).


The most important thing to understand about the Tools->Timesheets->New... menu command is that it creates a provisional set of draft timesheets which are stored locally – they are not added to the PRS Timesheets table until they are processed using the Process Timesheets... command.


You do not have to process the draft timesheets immediately or even all a once, you can close the Draft Timesheets form and return to it later using the Tools->Timesheets->Drafts... menu command.


Once you are satisfied that your draft timesheets have been filled out with the correct information: select the ones you want to process (tick the checkbox at the left-hand margin) then press the Process Timesheets... button – the selected drafts will now be transferred to the PRS Timesheets table and the selected timesheet tasks will be executed.


A vacancy contributes a new draft timesheets if:


1.The vacancy status is Filled
2.and the vacancy is of type Contract
3.and the Timesheet tool checkbox on the vacancy's form is checked
4.and the contract has started (i.e. the start date is set and is today or older).


NOTE: The From/To dates in the New Draft Timesheets dialog are used to set the draft timesheet From/To dates, they do not help determine which vacancies contribute draft timesheets


Only selected timesheets (those with the left margin checkbox ticked) are processed. You can return to the Draft Timesheets form later to select and process more of the remaining new timesheets.


Unprocessed draft timesheets are stored locally in the PRS client so draft timesheet processing should be done on the same PC they were first created.


Unprocessed draft timesheets will be lost if you upgrade or reinstall the PRS Client.


When you create new draft timesheets the Final checkbox will be ticked if the contract has finished i.e. the vacancy end date (start date plus duration) is less than today's date. The Final checkbox prevents any more draft timesheets from being generated by the Tools->Timesheets->New... menu command. It does this by resetting the Timesheet tool checkbox on the Vacancies form after the draft timesheets have been successfully processed.


TIP: If you just want to finalize selected timesheets (i.e. untick the Timesheet tool checkbox in the associated vacancy) without executing any timesheet processing tasks: press the Select None button and then press the Process Timesheets... button.