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Email Problems

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To fully utilise the PRS Mail Tool functionality you need to use Microsoft Outlook as your default mail client.


Microsoft Outlook 2000 or greater are supported.


If you are experiencing problems sending mail from the PRS work your way through the following check list:


Firstly check that Outlook is installed and configured correctly by making sure you can send and receive messages from within Outlook.
Check that you have a compatible version of Microsoft Outlook along with recommended service packs (see Microsoft Office Compatibility). For example SR-2 for Office XP  resolves a problem whereby mail sent via the PRS appeared blank when viewed from Outlook
Check that the PRS has correctly determined the presence of Outlook. Execute the PRS Tools->Options... menu command and verify the Use Microsoft Outlook for Email option is checked.
If Outlook is set up to use multiple mail profiles then you need to have Outlook open and logged into the correct mail profile before mailing from the PRS.
Outlook XP and updated versions of Outlook 2000 issue "security" prompts when programs such as the PRS try to send Email via Outlook. Check the Allow access for 1 min checkbox and press the Yes button. If all this clicking is driving you nuts check out the solutions presented in the Can I disable Outlook security messages when I send mail? section of the online PRS Frequently Asked Questions.