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Exporting to CSV Files

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The PRS can export Personnel, Reminders and Vacancies to Excel-readable CSV format files.


The PRS Tools->Export->CSV Files... menu command exports CSV files containing Personnel, published Vacancies and Reminders for one, all or a group of consultants.





Exported data

You can selectively export PRS Personnel, Vacancies and Reminders.

Assigned to

This option confines the exported PRS records to those belonging to a single consultant; all consultants; or those consultants with a particular occupation.

Exported file format

You have the choice of Microsoft Outlook or Palm PC compatible export formats.

File Location

Exported files are written to this folder.



Exported Files


Personnel, Published Vacancies and Reminders are each exported to a separate CSV formatted file
The exported file names start with the PRS user's initials followed by the data category. For example, the Export to CSV Files command will generate the following file for user Joe Bloggs: JB_personnel.csv, JB_vacancies.csv and JB_reminders.csv.