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Exporting Report Data

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There are many situations where it's useful to export the data in PRS reports to other applications (for example a spreadsheet) or send the information electronically to another user.


To export a PRS report:

1.Select the report you want to export from the PRS Reports menu.
2.When the report appears on screen select one of the export commands from the Report menu:


Report export commands:


Report->Save As...

Allows you to save the report as either an HTML, Excel, text, RTF or Snapshot file with more or less the same layout as the printed report.


Report->Export Data->All

Saves the reports underlying data source in a row/column table format. This is useful when the data is destined for another application, the data is unencumbered by page presentation information.


Report->Export Data->Custom

Same as Report->Export Data->All but allows for a customised export format.

Report->Sent To->Mail Recipient (As Attachment)...

Sends a copy of the report as a mail attachment to another user.