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Extracting Mail Data

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The Mail Data can appear by itself in the body of the mail message or along with other text. The Mail Data is extracted from other text in the body of the message as follows:


1.The body of the message is searched sequentially for a start delimiter line, if one is found then the Mail Data starts at the next non-blank line. If no delimiter line is found then the Mail Data starts at the first non-blank line of the mail message.
2.The Mail Data consists of all remaining lines up to the next delimiter line or the end of the message (which ever comes first).
3.Finally the extracted Mail Data is validated and parsed.


The extracted data is deemed valid if all the following are true:


It conforms to a Mail Data format.
It contains the FirstName and the LastName fields and at least one other field.


The delimiter line is a line containing only:


*** PRS DATA ***


An optional second delimiter can be defined by setting the MailDataDelimiter entry in the [Main] section of the PRS Shared prs_data.ini INI file.


If the FirstName, LastName and Email fields are not present in the Mail Data the PRS attempts to extract them from the email's address headers.