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How do I change the location of the PRS database?

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All you need to do is move the PRS shared data folder and reconfigure the PRS Clients to use the new location. Here's how:


1.Close all instances of the PRS Client on all PCs.
2.Move or copy the PRS Shared Data folder and all it's contents to the new location. If you don't know the current location of the shared data run the Tools->Options... menu command and click the File Locations tab.
3.If you have retained the old Shared Data folder then rename it to ensure it's inaccessible to PRS Clients.
4.Open a PRS Client, you will be prompted for the Shared Data folder location.
5.Select the new location of the Shared Data folder.
6.Once you've logged in to the PRS run the PRS Tools->Options... menu command, click the File Locations tab and tick the Site wide documents folder option (this will force all other PRS Clients to use the new Shared Data folder that you set in the previous step.
7.If the Documents folder location has also changed you will need to change it in each PRS Client and you will also need to add a term to the Document search path to ensure that documents linked to the previous Documents folder location can still be found.