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How can I access the PRS data when I'm out of the office?

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You have a number of options:


1.You can logon to your office computer remotely using one of the many remote desktop access programs that are available. The most convenient are those that are Web browser based (examples include LogMeIn, TeamViewer and Google's Chrome Remote Desktop. Consult with your system administrator.
2.If you have a laptop PC and want to take a (read only) copy of the PRS database with you when you leave the office use the PRS Offline Access functionality. For more information refer to the Offline Access section of the PRS Essential Reference (from the PRS Help menu).
3.Finally,  don't forget the printed PRS reports, particularly the Personnel, Vacancies and Reminders reports. This option is simple and particularly effective if you don't want to carry, or rely on, electronic gadgets and telecommunications links.


All the above techniques expose your data to the outside world so you should take any necessary security precautions to ensure your data does not fall into the wrong hands.