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How can I customise PRS reports?

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PRS reports can be exported in a number of presentation formats (HTML, Excel, Rich Text Format and plain text). Just open (print preview) the report you want to customise and select the Report->Export Data->Custom menu command.


You can customise the exported data in the following ways:


To include the field in the exported data check the box in the right hand margin.
To change the column header enter a Custom Field Name.
Use the Up and Down buttons to adjust the column position of the field in the exported file.


The choice of export format depends on what you want to do with the report data:


HTML (Web Browser format) is a good choice if you just want to view or print the data because row and column sizes are automatically adjusted to fit the data.
Excel is a good choice if you want to import the data to another program since most applications can read Excel file.


See Customised Export Formats in the PRS Essential Reference for details.