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How can I merge locations

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Use the Datasheet View and the Replace command to change all occurrences of one location with another location in all records (Personnel or Vacancies).


1.Put the Vacancies form in Datasheet View (Ctrl+Shift+F).
2.Click in a cell in the Location: column.
3.Select Replace... from the PRS Edit menu (Ctrl+H) and press OK if you are prompted to unlock the form.
4.Enter the name of the location that you want to change in the Find What text box (you must enter the full location name).
5.Enter the name of the location you are merging to in the Replace With text box (you must enter the full location name).
6.Press the Replace All button.
7.Press Yes when prompted You won't be able to undo this Replace  operation.
8.Close the Find and Replace dialog and you're done.



Both locations must already exist.
You can apply this technique to  any visible field on Personnel, Invoices, Sites and Vacancies forms.
You can apply the replacements to selected records by filtering them first using the form's Find command.