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InBox Message Processing

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Incoming mail messages are opened from the InBox Tool.


The InBox mail message automates the following mail capture functions:


Personnel record association, creation and update.
Mail Attachment link, save and view.
Vacancy application.
Message skills scanning.


The InBox Tool also automatically recognises PRS Mail Data the data is extracted and can be used to create and update personnel records and process job applications.





Create a new Personnel record and associate it with the message sender.


View/Edit the Personnel record associated with the sender. Mail Data will be loaded into the Personnel record.


Lodge a job application from the sender for the selected Vacancy Number.


Reject a job application from the sender for the selected Vacancy Number.


Save the mail message attachments and link them to the sender's Personnel record.

Skills Scan...

Scan the message body for skills. Selected skills then added to the sender's Personnel record. See also the Skills Scanner Tool.


Compose a reply Email to the sender.

Reply All...

Compose a reply Email to all message recipients.

Flag mail message as read

Flag the mail message as read in Microsoft Outlook.

Save mail message

Store a copy of this mail message in the PRS Messages Tool.



1.To view a mail attachment press the Goto button next to the attachment name.
2.When a message containing Mail Data is detected the body of the InBox Mail Message is displayed in blue text.
3.You can send Personnel Mail Data to another PRS database using the Personnel Mail Data message template.