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Indexed Documents Folder

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The Indexed Documents Folder sets the location that is indexed by the Document Search Tool indexer.


The Indexed Documents Folder defaults to Documents Folder.
It can be set to any location on the same path as the Documents Folder.


Typically this feature is used to index a superset of the Documents Folders so that different groups of users can have separate Documents Folders but still use the document search feature. For example suppose the same PRS database is used by two groups, A and B:


Group A have their own documents folder e.g. P:\Documents\A.
Group B have their own documents located in folder e.g. P:\Documents\B.
We want documents linked by each user group to be saved in their respective documents folder.
We want the Document Search Tool to search only the documents belonging to the user's group.


We accomplish this by:


1.Setting each user's Documents Folder to the respective group's documents location (P:\Documents\A for Group A, P:\Documents\B for Group B).
2.Setting the Indexed Documents Folder to the common parent location of the all document folders (P:\Documents)