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Invoice Security

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There are two invoice related security options that enforce the Administrator password:


Administer invoices

Administrator password required to create, view, update and delete invoices and print invoice related reports.

Reconcile invoices

Administrator password required to set the invoice Paid on date.


Typical usage scenarios are:


1.You do not want consultants to view or process invoices — check the Administer invoices security option.


2.You want consultants to view and process invoices but only the Administrator to be able to reconcile them (mark them as paid) — uncheck the Administer invoices security option and check the Reconcile invoices security option.



Once and invoice's Paid on date has been set (reconciled) the invoice is effectively locked and further changes to the invoice can only be made with the Supervisor password.
You must set the Administrator and Supervisor passwords to enable invoice security.