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Is there any way of making non-mandatory fields mandatory?

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There is an undocumented feature in the PRS whereby entry fields that are not currently mandatory on the Personnel, Sites, Vacancies and Invoices forms can be enforced. You need to add and entry named MandatoryFields to the [Main] section of the prs_data.ini configuration file. The prs_data.ini file resides in the Shared Data Folder which is specified on the File Locations page on the PRS Tools->Options dialog.


The MandatoryFields entry is a | separated list of field names and optional field name descriptions and is formatted like:


MandatoryFields=<field_name1>[,<field_description1>]|<field_name2>[,<field_description2>] ...


For example, adding the following entry to the [Main] section of the prs_data.ini configuration file makes the Location field on the Personnel form and the Ref field on the Invoices form mandatory:


MandatoryFields=Personnel.LocationName,Location name|Invoices.Ref,Reference



Before manually editing the PRS shared data INI file you should make a backup copy, incorrect changes to this file can result in PRS operation problems.
To set up additional mandatory fields you need to know the exact name of the PRS data field, Email a support request and we can supply the field names.