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License Management

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The PRS checks license information at startup, if license information is missing, an inconsistency is detected or the current license has expired you will be prompted to select and install a new license update file.


See the PRS Licenses webpage for license details and options.


Before you can update your license you will need to obtain a new license subscription activation file from methods: Recruitment. The license subscription activation file will normally be delivered by email, along with installation instructions.


To manually update your license:


1.Execute the Tools->Options... menu command and enter the Supervisor password.
2.Press the Update License... button in the Options dialog box.
3.Select the new license subscription update file.


The license details are displayed in the About PRS dialog (viewed by executing the Help->About PRS menu command).

The PRS checks periodically checks internal information. If an inconsistency is detected one of the following error messages will be emitted:


License Error Message


Unable to find license file

The PRS license file prs.lic is not in the shared PRS data .directory.

Corrupt license file

The license file data has been modified.

License count exceeded

The number of PRS client workstations that have logged on to the PRS on the current day has exceeded the license count.

License has expired

The license subscription period has ended.

Licensed name does not match current licensee site name

The license file site information does not match the database, in this case you will be given the option to update your site name information.

When you fist install the PRS the license data will be prompted to select and install the license file.