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Logging Off  Users

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Copying, backing up, restoring or upgrading the shared PRS database file prs_data.mdb can only take place when all users have logged out and closed the PRS. The administrator can log out users with the PRSMon Disable User Logons command and allow them back on with the PRSMon Enable User Logons command. PRSMon commands requiring exclusive access to the shared PRS database automatically ensure users are logged out before running.


If the PRSMon times out with a Database logoff timed out message check that all users have closed the PRS and that no other applications are using the shared database. If this is the case then the shared database has one or more orphaned database locks (you will be able to see the offending PC in the PRSMon Computer Name list). Orphaned locks can occur if PC's are shut down abnormally and often follow a database corruption. You can use the PRSMon Kill Database Locks command to forcibly remove orphaned database locks.


IMPORTANT: The PRSMon Kill Database Locks command should only be used after first checking that all users have closed the PRS and no other applications are using the shared database. Failure to do so may result in permanent loss of data.


As an alternative to using the PRSMon administration program you could also logoff users from your own command scripts by placing a file named logoff in the shared PRS database directory. Users will be logged out after a grace period of 1 minute (unless they explicitly cancel the logout). The contents of the logoff file are displayed to the user as part of the logoff message and will normally be a single line of text. To re-enable PRS user logons delete or rename the logoff file.