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Mail Data Notes

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Mail Data can optionally include the fields PersonnelNote and VacancyNote:.



Creates a note for the Personnel record when it is created or updated.


Creates a note for the applied for vacancy record when the candidate Personnel record is created or updated.


The VacancyNote and PersonnelNote Mail Data field values are formatted like:






The optional <note-type> is the PRS Note Type:
oThe <note-type> will be created automatically if it does not already exist.
oIf the <note-type> is omitted then it defaults to InBox.


The optional <note-text> is the note text:
oIf the <note-text> is omitted then the PRS Mail Data will be used.


For example this field in the PRS Mail Data:


 VacancyNote: SEEK::


Would create a note containing the Mail Data against the applied for vacancy with a Note Type SEEK.



If both the <note-type> and the <note-text> are omitted then a note will not be created.
Colon Delimited fields must reside on a single line.