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Mail Messages Tool

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The Mail Messages Tool in the PRS Tools menu stores outgoing Emails and SMS messages sent from the PRS and incoming Email saved using the InBox Tool.


The system wide mail messages table is stored in the shared PRS database so all mail can be access messages to and from all consultants.


Press the Select button to view a subset of the mail messages. Mail selection criteria include the sent/received date, sender, recipient and the person who the message was regarding.


Press the Print button to preview and print your message selection.



1.Click the mouse on underlined column headings to sort messages.
2.To resend, forward or view a previously sent message press the corresponding goto button.
3.To view all messages regarding a single candidate hold down the Ctrl key and click on the goto button next to the candidate's Email address on the Personnel form.
4.You can resize or maximise the Mail Message Tool window to full-screen, this is handy when working with large number of message records.