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Mail Options

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NOTE: The Mail Options user interface will be different if you are not using an Email Signatures Catalog.




Email Signature

Set your default Email signature name.

Include secondary Email address

If a personnel secondary Email address exists then include it (along with the primary Email address) when composing vacancy generated Emails.

Always save InBox messages

Automatically save all InBox messages that have been opened to the Mail Messages Tool.

Spell check outgoing Email

Always spell check outgoing Email and SMS messages before they are sent.

Include sender's message in replies

When replying to an received message he text of the received message is appended to the reply.

Send messages immediately

Send mail message (and all other pending outgoing messages) immediately overriding Outlook's settings.

NOTE: This option is not functional on Outlook 2010 and older.

Non-standard InBox

By default the PRS InBox Tool uses the normal Outlook InBox, set this option if you want the InBox Tool to read incoming mail from a different Outlook folder.