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Managing Shared Data Locations

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We recommend specifying the Shared Data folder and Documents folders as Drive path names (rather than UNC path names) on all PRS clients. The advantage of using logical Drive path names is that if you move your data at some later date you only need to change the Drive Mapping on each client PC rather than reconfigure all dependent applications (see File Locations options).



You should ensure the shared PRS shared Documents folder is mapped with the same drive path on all PRS client workstations — if you don't documents linked from one PC won't be found from other PCs.
It is also recommended that you enforce this policy by setting the Site wide documents folder option on the File Locations page of the PRS Options dialog using the PRS Tools->Options... menu command.
If your server doubles as a the PRS Client you should map the shared data folder on the server to the same network drive as on the other user workstations and configure the server's PRS Client to use the mapped network drive for shared data locations (rather than its local hard disk drive).