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Map File Formats

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Map files are CSV (Comma Separated Value) files with two or more values per line. The first line of the file always contains the value names, subsequent lines contain comma separated values (the PRS value followed by the translated value). PRS values that don't appear in the map file will not be translated and will be copied straight to the exported file.


Here's a small example:




"Administrative and Support Services","Admin/Customer Service"


This file, XLS_MappedIndustries.csv, will be used to map PRS industry names (the "Industry" value) ,when exporting PRS vacancies to a XLS vacancies file. In this example the PRS Accounting/Auditing industry would be translated to Accounting in the exported XLS vacancy file and the Administrative and Support Services industry would be translated to Admin/Customer Service. PRS Industry values not in the map file will not be translated and will be copied verbatim to the exported file.


Apart from location maps, all map files contain two values per line with header line value names as follows:


Header Line

Map File Type


Industry map files.


Occupation map files.




Location map files.



You can compose map files using Microsoft Excel and then export them to CSV format Map Files.
Take a look at the map files shipped with the PRS (in the Export Folder MapFiles folder).
If you add or modify PRS locations, industries or occupations then you may need to create or update Publication Map Files to maintain exported vacancy file format compatibility.