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Notes Entry

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You can add signed time-stamped notes to Personnel, Vacancies, Sites and Invoices by pressing the Notes field Goto button or by using the ALT+O shortcut key on the Personnel, Vacancies, Sites or Invoices forms.


To view a note or change a note that you have created hold down the Ctrl key and click on the note in the notes list.

Notes have a rich set of attributes:


Notes field



The note itself. Up to 64 thousand characters. Note content is mandatory for System notes.


Note title is generated automatically by the PRS but can be changed.

Note type

Sets the note type. The note type defaults to type Note, however you can force the user to explicitly enter a note type using the site wide Notes type is mandatory option.


Once a note has been set to Read-only it cannot be changed. System notes are always set Read-only.


If a note been set as Hidden then it will not be displayed in note lists, reports or (if the note is a favorite) the Favorites form.

Top Note

If a note been set as a Top note then it will be displayed at the top of notes lists in a blue font. Use this for important note that you always want displayed at the top of the notes list.


Favorite notes marked as Shared will be seen by all users on the Favorites form and in notes lists. Use this mechanism to post a favorite to all users. The text content of a Top Note that is marked as Shared can be edited by any user.


Sets a Favorite note.

Related to

This read-only field displays the Personnel, Site, Vacancy or Invoice that this note belongs to.

Created by

This read-only field displays the name of the user who created the note.

Creation date

This read-only field displays the time and date the note was created.