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Notes Options

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Press the Options... button on the Notes Tool to open the Notes Tool Options dialog.


The Notes Options dialog includes commands to manage the Notes Archive




Archive Old Notes

This command moves notes older than a user specified date to an archive file before deleting them from the database. You should only use this command if Notes selection is sluggish (you will probably have in excess of a quarter million notes at this point).

View Notes Archive

Use this command if you need to view previously archived notes.

Restore Notes Archive

This command will move all previously archived notes from the Notes Archive to the PRS database. Once this command has restore the notes they will be deleted from the archive.


NOTE: Depending on the number of archived notes, this command can be time consuming and may result in poor Notes Tool performance (see the Archive Old Notes command above).

Delete Obsolete PRS6 Notes

This command will only be visible if old PRS version 6 notes are still taking up room in the database. Use this command to Delete the unused notes then compact the database using the PRSMon program, this will save disk space and improve performance.