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Permanent / One-off Placements

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Go to Page 2 on the Vacancies form and check that participating consultants along with their correct Bills percentage are entered in the Consultants list.


Press the 'Calculate Commissions' button to calculate unpaid commissions. Tax is also calculated if the consultant pays Tax (see 'Tax Information' button on the Personnel form).


To view or adjust commission details press the 'Goto' button next to the consultant's list entry.


By way of example, a client is invoiced $10,000 for a placement. Two consultants are involved: Joe (whose permanent commission rate is 20%) Bills 40% of the vacancy and Mary (whose permanent commission rate is 40%) bills the remaining 60%:


Total Billings        $10,000

Joe's Billings        $4,000 (40% of $10,000 total billings)

Joe's Commission        $800 (20% of his $4,000 billings)

Mary's Billings        $6,000 (60% of $10,000 total billings)

Mary's Commission        $2,400 (40% of her $6,000 billings)