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Personnel are persons belonging to one or more of the following categories: candidates, clients and consultants.


Each person occupies a personnel record which are viewed from the Personnel form (use the Personnel command from the PRS View menu).



Phone, Email and Web addresses


These fields accept either a phone number, an email address or a Web address and their names can be customised.


When you click an associated Goto button the PRS recognises the type of address and then either dials a phone number or sends an email or opens a Web address in the Web Browser.
You can change the names for Phone, Email and Web addresses fields (hold down Ctrl and Shift keys and click the corresponding Goto button). For example, if you record candidate LinkedIn pages you could change an unused address field to LinkedIn to remind users that field is for LinkedIn web addresses.



1.Phone, Email and Web address name customisation is site-wide i.e. is seen by all PRS users.
2.To customise Phone, Email and Web address names you need to be logged in as Supervisor.
3.Enter a single minus (-) character to restore the field name to the default name.