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Personnel Tags

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A Personnel record is said to be tagged if the Tag check-box on the Personnel form is checked.


Personnel tags are managed by the Personnel Tags dialog — click the Tags menu item on the Personnel form to open the Personnel Tags dialog.


NOTE: Personnel tags are common to all PRS users so tagging should be done by one person at a time.


The most common use of tagged personnel is as a source for Microsoft Word mail merge documents using the PRS document manager (see the Document Management section).


Personnel Tags commands perform bulk operations on tagged personnel:


Select Tagged Personnel

Select the currently tagged Personnel records.

Note Tagged Personnel

Add a note to all tagged Personnel records.

Email/SMS Tagged Personnel

Send an Email or SMS message to currently tagged personnel.

Tag Selected Personnel

Tag the currently selected Personnel records.

Tag Contractors

Tag Personnel currently engaged in running contracts or with specified contract finish dates.

Clear Personnel Tags

Untag all Personnel tags.

New Tagset

Create a new named Tagset containing currently tagged Personnel.



You don't need to unlock the Personnel form if you use the Alt+T accelerator key to tag/untag the current personnel record.
Use Personnel form datasheet view (CTRL+SHIFT+F) to speed up manual tagging.
Use the Tag selected records option on the Personnel form Find command dialog to tag personnel find selections.