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Phone Number Formats

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If you have entered abbreviated phone numbers (numbers without country or area codes) the PRS intelligently reconstructs the full (canonical) phone number before placing phone calls or sending SMS messages:


If the phone number has no country code the PRS Country Code option is used.
If th phone number has no area code the PRS Area Code option is used.


The PRS uses the following heuristics when dealing with abbreviated phone numbers:


1.First all non-numeric punctuation characters are stripped from the number. For example +64(9)415-6259 will be converted to 6494156259.
2.If the number starts with two zeros it is assumed to be an overseas number and the two zeros are removed. For example 00-33-46428-4567 will be converted to 33464284567.
3.If the number starts with a single zero it is assumed to a local number; the zero is stripped and the number is prefixed with the country code. For example (025) 506 145 will be converted to 6425506145.


Canonical Format

The phone number must start with a + character and include country code, area code and phone number. This format automatically takes advantage of the Windows Phone Dialer dialing rules. Phone numbers are entered like:


+<country code> (<local area code>) <phone number>


For example the Auckland (area code 9) New Zealand (country code 64) local number 415-6259 is +64(9)415-6259 in Canonical format.