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Printed Letter Mail Merge Example

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A Microsoft Word mail merge tutorial is beyond the scope of this document and it is assumed that the reader already understands the basics. These instructions relate to Microsoft Word 2000, the procedure may vary with other versions of Word.


Suppose you want to send printed seminar invitations to a number of clients, you would:


1.First tag the relevant client personnel records (see the Personnel Tags section).
2.Open the Document Manager Tool by selecting the Document Manager menu item from the Tools menu.
3.Pressing the New... button will create a blank Microsoft Word document that will be automatically linked to the mail merge data source file. Alternatively, you could open an existing mail merge document from the Standard documents list or by pressing the Open... button.
4.You will be presented with the Document Merge Data Source dialog. Select the Tagged personnel option. This option creates an RTF formatted mail merge data source file containing the currently tagged Personnel records. The RTF file is created in the same folder as the merge document using the same base file name.
5.Edit the mail merge document from Microsoft Word using Word's standard editing and mail merge functions.
6.Merge the document to the printer, to an Email or to a new document using the merge buttons on the Word's Mail Merge toolbar (you don't print mail documents using the normal File->Print menu command).