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PRSMon Commands

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The PRSMon database administration program is installed automatically by the PRS Shared Database setup wizard. It included command to backup, copy and compact and repair the shared PRS database.


Because the shared database should not be copied, repaired or compacted while users are logged on the PRSMon  automatically takes care of logging users off. See also the Database Maintenance and Backing up the PRS sections of this manual.




Disable User Logons (in Tools menu)

Prevents PRS users from logging on and forces current users to logoff (after an optional grace period has expired). See also Logging Off Users.

Enable User Logons (in Tools menu)

Re-enable logons and allow users to logon. See also Logging Off Users.

Compact and Backup Database (in File menu)

Logoff current PRS users, repair and compact the shared prs_data.mdb database, then optionally copy the compacted database to a backup folder. See also Database Maintenance and Backup up the PRS..

Make Offline Copy (in File menu)

Logoff current PRS users and create copies of the shared data for Offline Access user updates. See also Offline Access.

Set/Unset Database Password (in Tools menu)

The user is prompted to set the shared database password (if there is currently no password) or unset the shared database password (if it is currently set). IMPORTANT: See Set/Unset Database Password Command before using this command.        

Open Database Exclusive (in Tools menu)

Logoff any currently logged on users and then open the shared PRS database exclusively.        

Upgrade Database (in Tools menu)

Upgrade the current PRS shared database structure. Current users are logged off and there is an option to backup the database. IMPORTANT: See Upgrade Database Command before using this command.

Kill Database Locks (in Tools menu)

Forcibly delete database locks. This command should only be used as a last resort to forcibly remove orphaned database locks to gain exclusive access to the shared database. See also Logging Off Users.

IMPORTANT: This command should only be used after checking that all users have closed the PRS and that no other applications are using the shared database. Failure to do so may result in permanent loss of data.

Rebuild Database (in Tools menu)

Recreates the existing shared PRS database by copying all data on a table by table basis to a copy of the upgrade template database. See also Rebuild Database Command.

IMPORTANT: If a database password is set, unset it before rebuilding the database (see Upgrade Database Command for details).

Export Database (in Tools menu)

Exports each table in the PRS shared database to separate Comma Separated Value (CSV) file to a subfolder of the shared data folder called csv (the csv subfolder will be automatically created if it does not exist).