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Pseudo Skills

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Skills list entries don't have to be confined to traditional skills, by creating special pseudo skills you can create your own custom categories for personnel, sites and vacancies.


Here are some examples:


NOTE: We have adopted the convention of enclosing pseudo skill in brackets, this distinguishes them from normal skills and always puts them at the top of skills lists.


Geographical Locations

Suppose you want to be able to search for candidates, sites or vacancies by suburb or area. Simply add a set of location pseudo skills and assign them to the personnel, site or vacancy skill lists. (for example (North), (Central), (South)). To find all persons residing in Central use the Find button on the Personnel form to search personnel for the skill (Central). To find all sites in the Central region use the Edit->Skills Search... menu command to search sites for the skill (Central).



To distinguish contractors from permanent candidates create a (Contractor) pseudo skill and add it to the skill lists of contractor personnel records, you can now use the Personnel form Find function to find contractors.


Top Candidates

Create a pseudo skill for excellent candidates (or any other relevant candidate attribute), for example (Top Candidate).


Preferred Supplier Sites

To distinguish those site for which your company is a preferred supplier create a (Preferred Supplier) pseudo skill and assign to the relevant sites. You can search for preferred supplier vacancies using the Find button on the Vacancies form and selecting the (Preferred Supplier) pseudo skill from the Site skill drop-down list.