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You can post Reminders to yourself or other users regarding personnel, vacancies and sites by clicking on the Reminders item in the sidebar menu on Personnel, Sites and Vacancies forms. Reminders can be one off or repeat on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Reminders are also posted automatically by the PRS at various stages of the recruitment process. For example, when a contract vacancy is filled you will have the option of posting a reminder to yourself on the date the contract expires.


Use the View->Reminders menu command to view and print your reminders.

The Reminders form floats on top so you can click on the Goto button next to the reminder's Subject to view the related personnel, site or vacancy record.


To delete a reminder click on the record selector in the left hand margin and press the Delete key.



Set the Show reminders at logon option to bring up the Reminders form automatically after you logon.
You can resize or maximise the Reminders window to full-screen, this is handy when working with large number of reminders.