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Retired Personnel, Sites and Vacancies

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It is sometimes desirable to hide Personnel, Sites and Vacancies from view without actually deleting the records from the database (if you delete a record from the database then you lose all the accumulated historical information relating to the record). The Retired checkbox on the Personnel,, Sites and Vacancies forms allow you to do just this. Once you have ticked the Retired checkbox the record will not appear in subsequent searches or in Site, Personnel and Vacancies reports (unless you explicitly request Retired records) or in drop-down lists. There are some exceptions where it makes sense, for example the Invoices form does not hide invoices belonging to retired sites.


Here are some reasons that you may want to retire records:


You have merged two sites and do no want consultants using the old site (the old site is not deleted because it has associated invoices).
You have candidates that you no longer deal with (but you still want to retain their historical information).