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Rostered Vacancies

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Rostered vacancies are shift oriented jobs requiring one or more candidates for periods of one or more days.


Rostered vacancies use skills based personnel pay rate assignment.


Roster entries (one per person per shift) are processed using Vacancy Roster forms.



Vacancy Item


Start time

The default shift start time.

End time

The default shift end time.

Staff required

The number of staff required per shift. This entry can be approximate, it flags the user when the number of confirmed rostered personnel have been reached.

Roster filled

Check this option once the required personnel have been rostered and confirmed.

View/Edit Roster

Press this button to view and edit the Vacancy Roster.

Current Job

Press this button to tag the current vacancy as the current rostered vacancy. This will normally be the rostered vacancy that the user is working on. The current rostered vacancy is the default vacancy in various roster dialogs and can be viewed using the CTRL+SHIFT+J keyboard shortcut.