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Runtime Installation

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If the PRS Runtime (or Microsoft Access 2000) is not already installed you will be prompted to install it by the PRS Client Setup Wizard at the start of the PRS Client Installation.


The PRS 2000 Runtime requires up to 60MB of hard disk space (depends on components already installed, for example required fonts).


You will be prompted to install the PRS Runtime if Setup does not detect the PRS Runtime or Microsoft Access 2000. PRS Runtime installation is not necessary if Microsoft Access 2000 is installed (see Client PC Software Requirements above).



1.To reinstall or force the installation of the PRS Runtime open the PRS Setup menu (insert the PRS CD-ROM) and press the CTRL+SHIFT+R keyboard shortcut.
2.After the PRS Runtime installation begins you will be prompted to install the Microsoft Access 2000 Runtime. This can take a few minutes and towards the end you will be prompted to restart your computer to complete the installation (this is normal behavior).
3.Installing the Access 2000 Runtime component will not uninstall or overwrite other versions of Microsoft Access that may be on your system but it will change the Access file associations. To continue to run other older Access applications you can create shortcuts that explicitly open the correct Access executable.