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Server Hardware Requirements

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These guidelines do not constitute a hard and fast specification. The exact server and network capacities will depend on your overall server requirements.


A robust file server must also be placed in a secured location where it cannot be accidentally switched off.
The server must have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect it from intermittent power outages or power fluctuations.
The network file server must also have high performance hard drives, a good network card, and plenty of RAM to make sure that the server can handle the load that is placed on it.
The required amount of server disk space depends on the amount of data in the database. A shared database containing 10,000 personnel, 3,000 sites and 5,000 vacancies should consume less than 40MB, you should then allow at least the same amount again in free disk space so that database upgrades and compaction can be performed.
Linked recruitment documents are not strictly part of the PRS, but you should include shared documents files when calculating your server disk space requirements.


The most important criteria in selecting network and server hardware and software are reliability and stability. A useably fast reliable system is infinitely preferable to one that is blindly fast but unreliable.