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Server Related Problems

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If the same problem occurs on all user PCs the problem is almost certainly network or server related.



Cause and Resolution

Unfulfilled server prerequisites

See the server hardware and software requirements.

Database Corruption

See the Database Maintenance section and Network Errors below.

Missing (moved or deleted) files

Problems will result if any of the shared PRS files are inadvertently moved or deleted. If the PRS shared database prs_data.mdb has been moved or deleted make sure you restore the most recent available copy. You can reinstate other files by reinstalling the PRS Data files.

Network Errors

Network problems are not uncommon and usually relate to hardware incompatibility, hardware errors or software driver problems. Typically the PRS will generate more network traffic than any other application and so, statistically, is more likely to suffer network related errors. Intermittent network connections not only disrupt users they can also result in database corruption (see the Database Maintenance section). If you suspect network related problems a good test is to setup batch files on multiple clients to continuously read and write a mix of large and small files to and from the server. Let it run overnight or over the weekend: there should be no inexplicable network errors period! If there are network errors you have an unstable network (don't accept any excuses from your systems vendor).