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Skype Prerequisites

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If you have Skype installed and configured on your PC and you have an active Skype account then you can use Skype to place calls and send SMS messages directly from the PRS. To verify your Skype settings are correct make test phone and SMS calls directly from Skype.


Setting up Skype for SMS


1.        Install Skype on PCs running the PRS.


2.        Set up a Skype Manager account and buy some credits to pay for SMS messages. Each user requires their own Skype account but Skype credits for all uses can be managed from a single Skype account using the Skype Manager.


3.        Before you can send SMS messages you need to register the user's mobile number: in Skype select Tools->Options->IM & SMS->SMS Settings. If you don't do this users will be unable to reply to your messages.


4.        The first time you send and SMS Skype will ask if you want to allow the PRS to use Skype, click Allow Access.



         NOTE: If Skype is hidden behind the PRS it's easy to miss the Skype prompt and the PRS will eventually time out with an Error creating Skype object (Wait timeout.) error message. You can verify access from Skype: select Tools->Options->Advanced then click the Manage other programs' access to Skype link).